Updated 11/18/21



All runs start and finish at Aardvark Sports Shop



We are a diverse social group that motivates one another no matter your pace, age, or goal. 

These runs started in 2012, and helped prepare folks for the Runner’s World Half Marathon.  Since then, they have evolved into a huge family that will get you ready for anything and is packed with encouragement and fun!! 

Whether your goal is to simply stay active, finish your first 5k, or run an ultra marathon, we have the support and knowledge to get you there!  

Wednesdays at  6:00pm.
Distance:  3 to 4 miles

11/24:  Regular group run. **This is also the night of Lights in the Parkway 5k**
12/01:  Join us early for the Live Advent Calendar at the Goundie House, 501 Main Street at 5:30p. Group run will still depart 6p from the shop.
12/08:  Regular group run.
12/15:  Tentative Ugly Sweater run.  Details coming.
12/22:  Regular group run.
12/29:  Regular group run.

“Pick Up” Saturday Group Runs

“Pick Up” game style for Saturday’s going forward! Any and all are encouraged to take the lead on a Saturday run.  This will be very casual.   If you choose to meet at Aardvark, the shop will not be open until 10a.  Coordinator of the Pick Up Run will determine location, distance and time.  These will be posted on our Team Vark Facebook group. 

Special Event Runs

Saturday, November 20 at 8a:  Shakeout run for Philadelphia Marathon (and group photo).  3 Mile and 8 Mile routes.  
Saturday, December 11 at 6p:   Luminaria Night Run.  Let’s run around Bethlehem and enjoy the lights.

What is Luminaria Night?  Twenty four years ago three neighbors wanted to recreate the tradition of connecting homes with the light of candles in bags at the holiday season.  A letter was sent out to their sixty Linden Street/North of Johnson Drive neighbors.  $300 was raised that first year and donated to a family in need.  Luminaria Night has since grown. Proceeds now go to New Bethany Ministries.  New Bethany Ministries provide meals, financial services, and housing to poor, hungry, homeless, and mentally ill individuals and families in the Lehigh Valley.

Special event details and routes for the above runs are

shared on our Team Vark Facebook group. 


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