Updated 10/15/21



All runs start and finish at Aardvark Sports Shop



We are a diverse social group that motivates one another no matter your pace, age, or goal. 

These runs started in 2012, and helped prepare folks for the Runner’s World Half Marathon.  Since then, they have evolved into a huge family that will get you ready for anything and is packed with encouragement and fun!! 

Whether your goal is to simply stay active, finish your first 5k, or run an ultra marathon, we have the support and knowledge to get you there!  

Wednesdays at  6:00pm.
Distance:  3 to 4 miles

10/20: Regular group run.
10/27: Regular group run.
11/03: Regular group run.
11/10: Regular group run.
11/17: Regular group run.

Special events and routes for the above runs are shared on our Team Vark Facebook group.  Click here to join.

Saturdays through October 16, 2021 we will have two group run options.

*This is Team Vark’s training day to prepare for Run the Lehigh Valley 5k and Half. You are more than welcome to join us for the run!  Training plans and swag are only for those who registered for the Team Vark Training Group.

7:30a Half Marathon Training Group:
10/16 – 6 miles
8:30a 5k Training Group
10/16 – 3 miles

If you would like more information about Team Vark, please email teamvark@aardvarksportsshop.com.