Twenty minutes of activity a day.  We invite you to join our latest challenge.


  • Complete 20 minutes of Strava trackable activity daily (Click HERE to view activities trackable in Strava.)
  •  Practice your planks.
  • On June 3rd at 6p, if #socialdistancing is over, we will have a group run/walk followed by a plank off.  The event will begin at Aardvark and end at the Sun Inn.

How to register:

  1. Create a Strava Account HERE.
  2. Create a Challenge Hound Account HERE
  3. Join the Aardvark Stay Active Challenge HERE

Next Step:  Start Strava for your next activity and get moving!  Have fun!

Additional: Do you own a Garmin gps watch?  You can sync your Garmin activities to Strava.  Open the Garmin Connect Ap on your phone.  Click on More (bottom right,) Settings, Partner Aps & Strava.

If you are a runner, join the OS1st challenge and be entered into a chance to win a prize package and/or money for Aardvark.  Details are found in the link above.

Questions can be emailed to