Meet our second featured runner and Team Vark member, Margie! Fig Magazine will soon be publishing the second installment of Aardvark Stories—celebrating the journeys of folks who have found support, good health, and fitness through their experience with Aardvark Sports Shop. Until then, we hope you enjoy the “Sneak Peak” about Margie!


Name: Margie DiSimo Kavchok
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Profession: I teach nursing at Gwynedd Mercy University and own Alpha Optical
Q&A with Margie:
1. How long have you been running? I’ve been running on and off for years, but I made a commitment a few years ago to complete my first marathon before turning 60!
2. How many half marathons and marathons have you completed? I met my goal and completed my first marathon before turning 60. Total, I have completed 12 half marathons and 3 marathons!
3. What races are you completing this year? I am signed up for 3 half marathons. I am also registered for Erie and Steamtown/Scranton marathons. I have a goal to complete marathons in the 4 corners of PA and the capital, and that will complete my goal!
4. Is there any distance you do not like? I have done 2 trail runs, and I discovered that I am not a big fan!
5. What is something you have gained from running? Every time I run, for practice or a race, I meet wonderful people, give an abundance of smiles, try to inspire and encourage others, and learn lessons about me and life. Ever since I started running four years ago, I know that each step is a gift from God and that I need to use it wisely.