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    About Us

    About Us

    At Aardvark Sports Shop, we are committed to supporting the running community in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.


    Our Story

    Our friendly and talented staff is made up of local runners just like you, from plodders to top finishers of Lehigh Valley 10Ks and half marathons, all who are passionate about running and eager to help beginners and seasoned runners alike perform at their best.

    When you come in, they will ensure that your shoe has a secure midfoot so your foot doesn't move around, wasting energy. They'll make certain you have enough room between your toe and the front of the shoe and that your heel doesn't lift. They'll watch you walk and run a few steps to analyze your stride. These are things you just cant do over the internet. And they are critically important to achieving optimal fit and getting more enjoyment out of running.

    Our shops goal is to sell you the perfect shoe. Because when you run better and enjoy running more in shoes fitted by our staff, we know that when you need a new pair, you'll run right back to our store. Aardvark respects your feet. We value your patronage. Let us help you make greater strides with a shoe that fits perfectly.

    Aardvark Sports Shop is a locally owned retail store specializing in running merchandise located in the heart of historic Bethlehem, PA, on the corner of Main and Broad streets in The Shoppes at Main Street Commons.

    Aardvark Sports Shop was founded for one simple yet powerful purpose:

    To help people achieve the best version of themselves


    Because it matters. It matters to every person who improves their life by taking part in what we do. And it matters to every one of our staff, who are inspired daily by those who dare to take command of their health and wellness.

    Your stories are what motivate us to get up every day and come to work. Thank you for being part of our purpose. Thank you for being #TeamVark.

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