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    Shop Local & Earn Points!

    Earn points for every dollar spent pre-tax both in-store and online

    Get extra points by checking in at one of our many events

    Points will appear on your account the day after a purchase was made

    Redeem points for Aardvark Sports Shop digital gift cards, redeemable in-store and online

    Keep track of your points and redemptions right in your Aardvark Aapp

    Stay up to date on events, sales etc...


    Aardvark Miles Program

    Sync your Strava runs and walks to track your mileage in the app

    Sync your Apple Fitness Workouts to track your mileage in the app (works with Apple Health)

    Stay motivated by unlocking achievements when distance milestones are reached




    NOTE:  If you are a family and would like to accumulate your shopping points  under the same account, please register using only one email address.  Your email address is your unique account identifier.  When making a purchase use only the email address you registered with.

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