On June 13, Fig Magazine published the second installment of Aardvark Stories—celebrating the journeys of folks who have found support, good health, and fitness through their experience with Aardvark Sports Shop. In that installment, we shared the story of Margie DiSimo Kavchok.

Click here to read her full story published in Fig Magazine!

Below is some more information about Margie and her mission to complete a marathon before turning 60!

  • Margie holds many hats: wife, mother of two, and grandma of three. Former school nurse and interpreter for the deaf. Current nursing teacher at Gwenett Mercy University, owner of Alpha Optical, and marathoner.
  • How it all began: She started running at 57 years old with the goal of completing one marathon.
  • Her life motto: “Ever since I was in high school my motto has been, ‘Behold the turtle, for she gets nowhere unless she sticks her neck out.”

    Margie with her three grandchildren.

  • Putting words into action: Margie fully embraced her motto in 2015, when she started running with Team Vark. It was then that she took the next step to complete her first marathon, the Philadelphia marathon.
  • Fun fact: After she got her masters in nursing, instead of doing a doctorate, she decided to run a marathon.
  • How did the marathon go?: “It was just such a brutal day. The stands were empty, there was no finish line, no balloons…everything was gone, because it was blown away,” said Margie.
  • Hungry for more: After less than ideal weather conditions in Philly, she quickly decided to do another. She has since completed 4 marathons.
  • And even more!: Her upcoming races for 2018 are Erie Marathon, Steamtown Marathon, and Philly Half Marathon.
  • Extra benefits: “The health benefits have been incredible. My goal is to be healthy, enrich my life, and to enrich other people’s lives,” said Margie.
  • Deeper meaning: She dedicates each of her races to people in her life!