Meet our third featured runners and Team Vark members, Cory and Christina Crawford! Fig Magazine will soon be publishing the third installment of Aardvark Stories—celebrating the journeys of folks who have found support, good health, and fitness through their experience with Aardvark Sports Shop. Until then, we hope you enjoy the “Sneak Peak” about Cory and Christina!


For Cory and Christina, all of their relationship is connected to running! The couple, now married for almost 2 years, first met in 2014 through Team Vark, a 16-week half marathon training program.
After “officially” dating for two weeks, Christina first met Corey’s parents at the Via Marathon. Their first Valentine’s Day was also their first marathon together; they were engaged after an Aardvark group run; they ran a marathon two weeks before their wedding, which was also heavily running-inspired. They even chose their wedding date specifically so it didn’t conflict with Runner’s World Half Marathon.
Q&A with Cory and Christina:

How it all began…

His“I remember going into Team Vark thinking that I didn’t want to focus on meeting someone. I want to run a marathon and focus on that,” said Cory.

Hers“If anything, the first run, I was like what did I sign up for? I feel like I’m setting myself up for failure! But, with Team Vark it doesn’t matter your pace or if you’ve run 10 marathons. I also didn’t want to meet somebody; it was just a bonus. I was trying to focus on myself and something I wanted to do… and it just so happened that we both had the same goal,” said Christina.

For the Love of Aardvark…

His: “We identify a lot with downtown Bethlehem and Aardvark… We met here, we were married here… our whole life together has revolved around it,” said Cory.

Hers: “We love everything the store stands for. Living in town, we like to support locally. We feel like Aardvark does so much for the community,” said Christina.

Theirs: Their current goal is to qualify to run the Boston Marathon together. Christina, who has previously qualified for the race, said she wouldn’t do Boston unless they could do it together. With that goal in mind, the duo will run the Wineglass Marathon in just a few weeks!