Our Running Shoe Selection Process

Our goal at Aardvark when fitting you for running shoes is simple; to put you in a shoe that keeps your foot in a “neutral position”, and find a shoe that best reflects the shape of your foot.The phrase “neutral position” means that your foot is not pronating (rolling in) or supinating (rolling out) excessively. By keeping your foot “neutral”, we minimize the risk of injury and keep you healthy and happy. Like fingerprints, our feet are unique. Correspondingly, shoes are shaped differently. Some have a broad, rounded toe-box. Others feature a narrower heel or deep midfoot.

When you come to Aardvark for a shoe-fitting, expect to:

    • • To have both feet measured with our Superfeet ME3D scanner.
    • • To roll up your pant legs and have us watch you walk without footwear. This allows us to see the extent of the internal rotation of your foot.
    • • To have have a discussion about your running/walking experience.  Do you have an injury you are currently dealing with or is recurring?  Are your goals simply to help with overall fitness or do you run Ultramarathons?

Based on the above information, the staff member will make some running shoe suggestions and then give you the opportunity to try shoes on and test them on our treadmill, in the hallway or out on Main Street.