Frequently Asked Questions


How/Where do I log my miles?
Go to:
Log in using the email adddress and password you used for your registration.

Can I share an email address with a family member/friend?
No, each participant must use a unique email address.

Do I need a GPS watch/unit to track my mile?
No, this is all honor system.  We trust you!

Do I have to complete the mile at the store?
No, you complete each mile on your own.

Is having a social media account a requirement (Facebook, Instagram)?

What if I lost my password?
Go to to reset your password.

I can’t find my password reset email, where is it?
Check your “Junk” or “Spam” folder – often times that is where it will be.

Why are my miles from the previous days not being saved?
After you enter your mile for the day you must click on “LOG WORKOUT” – once you click on that, your miles will be saved.

Where do I log miles from previous weeks?
Click on the word “Week” and select the appropriate week you would like to enter miles for.

What if it is raining/snowing/sleeting/windy?
The weather is all part of the challenge.  Dress accordingly and get it done.  You will be happy you did.
“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these streakers from the swift completion of their appointed mile.”

If I forgot to do my mile yesterday, can I make it up today?
No.  Sorry, this is a reason it is called a streak.

How do I get my finishers shirt?
We will send an email letting you know when the shirts can be picked up.  You MUST have completed the streak to get a shirt.

When and where is the party?
The party time and location have not been determined.  You will receive an email with that information once we have confirmed the details.

What is the LAST day of the streak?
The last day is Wednesday, March 16th.