Run With Us

General info

  • All runs start and finish at Aardvark Sports Shop, unless otherwise stated.
    An * before the date indicates a change.
  • Join Team Vark Facebook Group to view the routes, or get last minute updates. NOTE:  Saturday Team Vark Training routes are NOT posted on Facebook.  They are sent via email to everyone who registered for Team Vark Training 2022.  Registration info is below and can also be found here.

Wednesdays @ 6:00pm

  • - Check our Events Calendar and/or Team Vark Facebook Page to view our events like shoe testing, raffles, and more!  Lots of fun!
  • - No registration needed - just show up!
  • - Typical distance:  3 to 5 miles
  • - All paces welcome!
  • - Free Parking
  • - Routes are posted on the Team Vark Facebook Group every Tuesday at 6am.
  • - Please note:  Attending Wednesday night runs does not make you an official Team Vark member.  Team Vark members register for specific training, and receive exclusive benefits.  For more information, or to register, please visit Team Vark Info.
  • - Bring your family!  Our unofficial community walks start at the same timeClick here for more info.

Saturdays @ 7:30am or 8:00am. 

More info about our unofficial group runs to come!  Follow Team Vark Facebook Group for the latest and greatest info.  Or email for more info.  

Official Team Vark training is over.

    • Official event vs. unofficial event:
    • - Official events are staffed by Aardvark Sports Shop.  There are designated leaders who help keep things organized.  The store will be open, and you will have access to the bathroom.
      - Unofficial events are led by volunteers.  Aardvark Sports Shop does not provide staffing.  These runs happen before the store opens, a
      nd there is little to no access to the bathroom.  Very casual, great people, and good times!
    • - Both are lots of fun!  Just a bunch of people getting together to move and have a good time. ☺️
  • Please stand by for more info on 2023 Official Team Vark Training.
      • Official Team Vark 5k & Half Training started Saturday July 16th @ 7:30am.  and ends October 31st.
      • - This is a training program for folks who registered for Team Vark training.  
      • - You can join the runs as a guest, but won’t get any of the perks.  Please find a staff member to fill out a waiver.  
      • - Registration required for official training and benefits.
      • - Routes are emailed to registered members.  Printed routes available for guests before the run. 
      • - Scroll down to see the distance for that week. 
      • - Free parking
      • - For more information, please visit Team Vark Info
      • - If you have any questions, please email
    • Please note:  Attending Wednesday night or Saturday runs or does not automatically make you an official Team Vark member.  Team Vark members register for specific training, and receive exclusive benefits.  
  • We meet at Aardvark every Saturday and depart for the run at 7:30am. Printed route directions will be available for guests before the run. Registered members receive the route a couple days before the run.