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Amateur Runners. Professional Fun.

We offer camaraderie, motivation, training programs, and good times!

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  • - What you get when you register
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  • General info

      • Click here for the latest information video (7/7/22)
      • Team Vark 5k ($65) & Half ($75) team training will give you the support and confidence to reach your running goals! Join the fun no matter your pace, age, or experience level. Whether your goal is to finish your first 5k or run your 10th Ultra, Team Vark will get you there!
      • Registration is required to enjoy all the benefits. Scroll down to the "Online Registration" for more info & registration, or stop in at the store!
      • 2022 Registration is closed.
      • Check us out! You can run with us as a guest! Just show up and find a staff member in a mustard colored "Vark Staff" shirt. They'll give you the scoop! You can also ask to join our Team Vark Facebook Page where you can chat with Team Vark members and see what's going on.


      • When & where
          • 2022 training starts July 16th through October 31st.
          • Standby for 2023 training info. 
          • Both groups meet at Aardvark every Saturday to depart for the run @ 7:30am.
          • Click here for free parking.


      • Experience & fitness level
          • We welcome all levels of experience in both training programs!   5k training is best for beginners.  We recommend that you recently completed a 10k before registering for the Half training.


      • Races we train for
          • 5k training for Run the Valley 5k Oct, 22nd.
          • Half training for D&L Half Marathon Nov. 6th.
          • Race registration is not included in the Team Vark training. You will have to register separately.
          • Not running those races, but still want to join? No problem! You can run whatever race you want and still get all the great perks and camaraderie of the Team Vark group.


      • How we train
          • Our Half plan runs 5 days a week for 16 weeks. The 5k runs 4 days a week for 15 weeks.  Our long runs are on Saturdays.  We keep attendance to keep you accountable and motivated.  You are responsible for midweek training.   A more detailed training plan will be emailed to you when you register.   Wednesday night runs from the Vark at 6pm are a great addition to the team training! 
          • Questions?  More info under FAQ's.  Search "training"


    Please note:  Attending Wednesday night runs does not make you an official Team Vark member. Team Vark members register for specific training, and receive exclusive benefits.


    Please email if you have any questions!


  • What you get when you register

    • Enjoy 10% off all regular priced items once you register until November 6th, 2022. In store purchases only.
    • $25 Aardvark Gift Card.
    • Team Vark membership & attendance card.
    • A registration shirt.
    • The coveted Team Vark Finisher shirt. *Earn this shirt by attending 10 out of 16 weeks.*
    • Weekly Team Vark News that includes routes, training plans, and other fun info.
    • Discounts.
    • Random free stuff. (food samples, shoes, sunglasses, etc..)
    • Exclusive Team Vark events.
    • Legendary Team Vark Support!!


    Please note:  Shirts and gift certificates are in store pick up only.

    We will email you more details when you register.  Please email if you have any questions.

  • Online Registration

    2022 Registration is closed.

    Please email if you have any questions.

    - Half Marathon Program – $75

    - 5K Program – $65

    You can also register at the store! 😎

  • FAQ's


    • Why didn't I get a weekly Team Vark email?
    • Why didn't I get a welcome email?

    Please call us 610-866-8300, or stop in the store if you are not getting emails.

    Reason why you're not getting the emails:

    • Our email could be in your spam / promotion folders. You have to sort that out on your end.
    • You unsubscribed to other Aardvark emails. We can take care of that on our end.
    • We have the wrong email on file. We take care of that.
    • You did not register for Team Vark.
    • Gremlins are in the system. We'll do our best to get rid of them!


     Where do I park?


     What if I'm not running the same races that Team Vark is training for?

    • That's no problem!  You can still join the runs and enjoy all the membership benefits.  You will have to adjust your own training plan.  


     What if I can't follow the mid week training plan?

    • There is no "one size fits all training plan".  You do not have to follow ours!  You can add or subtract days as you see fit.  Listen to your body!  There are a lot of great books and training plans out there.  Play around and see what's right for you.  Remember we are here to help!!  Ask one of the staff or email


    Do I have to have running experience to join this group?

    • We welcome all paces and experience levels!  Our 5k program is best for beginners.  We recommend that you comfortably completed a 10k before registering for the Half training.


    What if I can't attend the Saturday team training runs?

    • We want everyone to succeed as a team!  We hope that you will be able to make as many runs as possible.  If you miss a Saturday, you can do the run on your own, then fill out the absent attendance form that can be found in your weekly emails.  Since you're not in person, we hope that you can join the community by posting your run on Team Vark social media.  The more Aardvark gear you're wearing, the better! 😎
    • Remember, you have to attend 10 out of 16 weeks to earn the coveted Team Vark Finisher shirt! 
    • Live out of town, but want to join?  Email


    Can you mail my shirts and/or gift certificate?

    • We do not mail out the shirts or gift certificates.  You can have a friend pick them up.  Please email if you have any questions.