Group Walks

  • Unofficial Aardvark event. These walks are lead by *VOLUNTEERS* - a million thanks to them!
  • When:
  • - Held every Wednesday at 6pm. 
  • - Same time as our group run!  Click here for more info.
  • - Check our Events Calendar and/or Team Vark Facebook Page to view our events like shoe testing, raffles, and more!  Lots of fun!
  • Where:
  • - Start and finish @ Aardvark, unless otherwise noted.
  • Distance:
  • - It's a very casual group!  Route and duration can be discussed with the group before and/or during the walk.  They are usually 30-45 minutes, which will get you a little more than one mile. 

  • Details:
  • - No registration needed – just show up!
  • - A great activity for the family! Take in Historic Bethlehem's beauty and have dinner at one of many amazing restaurants.
  • - Routes are kid and pet friendly! 
  • - We will do our best to make the routes stroller and wheelchair friendly.  Please know your abilities with sidewalks and hills.


  • Official event vs. unofficial event:
      • - Official events are staffed by Aardvark Sports Shop. There are designated leaders who help keep things organized. The store will be open, and you will have access to the bathroom.
        - Unofficial events are led by volunteers. Aardvark Sports Shop does not provide staffing.  These runs happen before the store opens, a
        nd there is little to no access to the bathroom.  Very casual, great people, and good times!
      • - Both are lots of fun!  Just a bunch of people getting together to move and have a good time. ☺️